From the President

Founded in 1991, the English and American Literature Association (EALA) of the Republic of China seeks to integrate research resources in Taiwan, promote studies on English and American literature, and facilitate academic communication across national boundaries. For two decades, due to the diligent efforts of the founding President Professor Limin Chu, his successors, and all Board members, EALA has blossomed into a family of 165 members (including 25 [U1] permanent members), thereby having become a major force on English and American literature research. 


The EALA promotes research in English and American literature. It has hosted and will continue to host the annual conferences with departments of English or foreign languages at universities in Taiwan. Besides, the EALA official journal Review of English and American Literature, published twice a year, is included in the Taiwan Humanities Citation Index (THCI) Core list and among the top-ranked journals in the Ministry of Science and Technology Rating and Ranking of domestic journals related to Foreign Language Studies in Taiwan. These honors prove that the EALA has achieved excellence in promoting the publication of research on English and American Literature. To this end and to act as a source of guidance and encouragement to young scholars, the EALA plans to host lecture series on timely and relevant issues, inviting scholars well-versed in our field to shed light on these crucial issues.


Beyond performing its routine operations, the EALA aims to enlarge the efforts the former Presidents have made in recruiting members and circulating academic information, to enhance the quality of the Review of English and American Literature, and to update the Chinese and English-language web pages. In the meantime, the EALA intends to take the initiative to contact peer associations in the world for potential cooperation, for example, to organize international conferences that help strengthen the ties with our international partners.


The effective management of the EALA depends on the expert advice of the Board members as well as the hard work of the Secretariat. Here I would like to give special thanks to the current Board members for their counsel and support. I also want to express my deepest gratitude to all team members for their invaluable efforts, service, and assistance: Vice President Dr. Joan Chang, Secretary General Dr. Jade Tsui-yu Lee, Secretary Assistant Ms. Chian-yu Wang, Editor of the Review of English and American Literature Dr. Pin-Chia Feng, and Editorial Assistant Mr. Chuan-haur Liu. It is my genuine hope that with the joint efforts, the EALA will emerge as an ever more prominent presence in the literary scene domestic and abroad. 



Yours faithfully,

Hsinya Huang

President of EALA 



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